How mechanical cleaning benefits the hotel industry

More and more industries, including hospitality, are realizing the benefits of using machines for cleaning. In the competitive world of hotels, guest reviews can make or break success. Since cleanliness is a big deal for reviews, hotels have an increasing focus on cleaning efficiently. This shift has led to the rise of mechanical cleaning.

Here are 7 benefits of using machines for cleaning in the hotel industry:

7 benefits of mechanical cleaning in the hotel industry

1. Time savings
One of the immediate benefits of mechanical cleaning in hotels is the huge savings in time. i-team’s plug & play feature simplifies productivity by optimizing battery and charger usage, resulting in faster and better cleaning outcomes. This not only ensures that cleaning routines are executed fast, but also contributes to improved guest satisfaction.

2. Less staff needed
Cobotics, such as co-botic 45 and co-botic 1700, address the challenge of labor shortages in the hotel industry. These intelligent machines, equipped with autonomous navigation, adapt to diverse environments, and reduce the dependency on human resources. Moreover, mechanical cleaning is faster. For instance, cleaning a floor with i-mop can save up to 80% in time, compared to manual cleaning. This means your staff gets jobs done faster (and you need less staff for your cleaning routines).

3. Happier staff
Mechanical solutions not only simplify the cleaning process but also contribute to the well-being of staff. Improved ergonomics and reduced physical strain on cleaners result in happier staff. By prioritizing user-centric design and actively addressing cleaning challenges, the cleaning experience becomes efficient and enjoyable. This in turn leads to less sick-leave and staff-turnover.

4. Greener
Mechanical cleaning solutions also come with sustainable benefits, such as perfect dosage and reduced water usage. These benefits enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs through resource conservation, and give a hotel a positive brand image. Choosing for sustainability makes hotels more attractive to eco-conscious guests while positively impacting your expenses.

5. Consistent results
Mechanical cleaning ensures consistent and reliable cleaning outcomes. Quick dry times and the ability to deliver the same results every time contribute to the overall efficiency of hotel cleaning processes.

6. Predictable costs
It’s easier to predict when you need to order parts or accessories and when your machines need to have their periodical maintenance. Moreover, machines are reliable, giving the same cleaning results again and again. If you choose for cordless cleaning, there are fewer accidents, meaning lower expenses related to injuries, equipment damages, and operational downtime. This means there are fewer unexpected costs, and you’ll have a clearer idea of how much you’ll spend over time.

7. Great guest experience and positive reviews
Beyond financial gains, mechanical cleaning contributes to a superior guest experience. The consistent results ensure that hotel spaces are constantly inviting. When guests feel comfortable and satisfied with the cleanliness standards, they are more likely to return (and to write those great reviews)!

From time savings and reduced staff dependencies to the happiness of cleaning professionals and the embrace of greener practices: the benefits are plenty.

With the added advantage of predictable costs, hotels can strategically plan and allocate resources, contributing to their efficiency and success.

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