Transforming hotel cleaning: a much-needed shift 

Cleanliness holds significance in every industry, but in the hotel industry, its impact on profitability is almost immediate. After all, a good (or bad) guest review influences your future success. At the same time, more and more challenges are on the rise.So how do you ensure improved results, while facing these challenges?

The power of hotel reviews

In today's digital age, hotel reviews have a big impact on how guests see your hotel and its future success. The main things guests care about are how clean the hotel is. These factors guide reviews to be positive or negative. Reviews also reflect how well the hotel is managed. A good review in this area directly affects the hotel's reputation. Plus, reviews show if the hotel is set for future success, attracting money and investor confidence.


Key challenges in the hotel industry

Today, hotel cleaning needs a new approach. Issues like not having enough staff, rising costs, and the pressure to keep things clean are tough. i-team Global steps in as the solution, tackling these challenges head-on.

10 Key challenges:

  1. Not enough staff
  2. Rising labor costs
  3. Changing roles for cleaning staff
  4. High costs for upkeep
  5. Needing to clean faster
  6. Cleanliness standards
  7. Regulatory compliance
  8. Keeping up a good image
  9. Guest reviews
  10. Being eco-friendly

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Smart solutions by i-team Global

i-team Global tackles these challenges with high-end cleaning solutions based on five things: Faster, Cleaner, Greener, Safer, and Better.


  • Saves up to 80% of cleaning time
  • Quicker turnaround times


  • Mechanical solutions that minimize downtime
  • Consistently clean and hygienic results


  • Reduces environmental impact
  • An eco-friendly image


  • Floors and surfaces dry within seconds
  • Clean without cords


  • Ergonomic design = operator satisfaction
  • Improved guest satisfaction = better reviews

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Well-being for your team

Moving from manual cleaning to mechanical cleaning is about more than just being efficient. It's about caring for your cleaning team. Manual ways of cleaning can hurt your staff, making them tired, unhappy, and even ill.

i-team Global's solutions ease their workload, creating a team that's not just working but working happily. This boosts overall morale and attracts new employees. No better marketing than word-of-mouth-marketing.

Mechanical cleaning

The transition from manual to mechanical cleaning is improving efficiency standards for hotel management. i-team’s co-botic 45 and co-botic 1700 stand out by autonomously carrying out tedious tasks, such as cleaning large floor areas. This smart approach not only minimizes the risk of repetitive strain injuries for cleaners but also enhances the overall cleaning routine, allowing their skills to be used more effectively elsewhere. This solution directly addresses labor shortages while ensuring consistent, high-quality results (which in turn lead to better guest reviews).

Other products that are a great fit for the hotel industry are the i-mop (the i-mop XL can even clean in pool and spa areas), i-remove (for instant gum and stain removal or to clean tile joints) and the i-know kit (prove cleanliness with data).

Discover all our products

Cordless Freedom and Plug & Play

The product range of i-team Global is designed for ultimate efficiency. Two stand-out features are Cordless Freedom and Plug & Play.

Cordless Freedom

  • Frees up cleaning crew
  • No cords keeps cleaning mobile and safe
  • Saves a lot of time in hotel cleaning

Plug & Play

  • Makes work simpler for faster results
  • Battery and charger usage across multiple devices

Sustainability labels: an eco-friendly stay

Hotels can stand out by getting eco-friendly certifications like Green Key, Green Globe, the EU Ecolabel, and the sustainability badge. These labels show a commitment to being responsible for the environment, fitting the trend of sustainable travel.

Eco-friendly certifications improve your reputation and attract a wider audience, as more and more people want to stay in places that match their eco-friendly values. Hotels which reduce waste and choose for energy-saving and water-saving solutions are becoming more successful.

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